12 Luxurious Guest Soap Mini Bars / Mini Gift Soaps

$ 20.00


A dozen assorted luxurious soaps makes a great display and extremely popular counter purchase. Our soaps are all natural and vegan. Made with organic Shea butter and essential oils. Highly moisturizing, soothing and leave you feeling fresh and clean! Our mini guest bars are 2.5 ounces. Each soap is wrapped in wax paper and trimmed with lovely decorative paper and soap label.

(Assortement of 12 will be based on availability, if you would like to request your assortment, I will do my best to accomodate.)

♥ Lavender with Lavender Flowers

♥ Jasmine & Rose (Floral)

♥ Ginger & Lime

♥ Eucalyptus & Tea Tree

♥Rustic Floral (Earthy and rich with hint of tobacco and red roses)

Consider our soap bars for hostess, thank you, or thinking of you gifts... if you keep a few on hand, you'll always have a lovely, last minute gift.

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