Acne Blemish Breakout Ointment

$ 12.00

Great for youth and adult acne breakouts. You can feel this botanical acne blemish ointment at work! BLEMISH BE GONE OINTMENT - it's fresh, sharp and crisp. Made with all natural aloe juice, pure witch hazel, and a wonderful blend of essential oils which work together as an antiseptic to heal acne, balance the complection and enhance skin repair with cell rejouvenation.

Store your blemish ointment in the refrigerator for a cool feel, or in a cool dark place in order to preserve it's natural essential oils. 

6ml roll on glass bottle.

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Excellent product. Works great. Long lasting. Thanks!

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Awesome acne ointment. using it on my son and so far it's helping to take the small blemish away.

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It smells fresh. It has a nice amount of witch hazel, which is anti-inflammatory and really decreases the size of blemishes. I put it on in the morning and in the evening before bed. Seems to be working very well. Shipped fast and the packaging was lovely.



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