Shea Soap Bar Ginger & Lime Loved by Men (Minimum 6)

$ 24.00

One of our favorite essential oils of ginger is blend with sweet and crisp lime essential oil and a bit of Hibiscus flower rounds out this men's favorite. Aloe is added to this soap to give it a soft and soothing soap. Our BIG soap bars are 5 ounces and last longer than your basic store bought soap bars. Made fresh so you can smell fresh!

We wrap our bars with a protective layer of parchment paper, add a beautiful designer paper wrap and soap label.

We also offer wrapped soap bars in petit guest soap size of 2.5 ounces. Super cute!

♥ Lavender with Lavender Buds
♥ Eucalyptus & Tea Tree
♥ Rustic Floral
♥ Jasmine & Plumaria

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