Gardener's Gift Tin with Hand Balm, Shea Soap & Nail Brush (Minimum 6)

$ 60.00

This is our very popular gift tin for Gardener's and hard workers with dry hands, in need of cuticle repair! Get super clean hands with our natural two sided all natural nail brush and all natural Shea Butter soap bar. Packaged in a great, reusable window gift tin.   Each gift tin is wrapped with ribbon and topped with a cute little keepsake garden snail charm.

Our natural Garden Healing balm is made with organic Shea butter which we all know to be a super power in healing, and hemp seed oil which is very effective in reducing itchiness, redness, and inflammation. Both very high in fats and oleic acid which regenerate cells, moisturize heal and protect the skin.

Heal and tame those painful cuticles and dry, itchy hands with the amazing powers of my own blend of pure essential oils. The essential oils of Frankincense, Myrrh, Rosewood, Fir (this scent is often used to increase a feeling of harmony and goodwill... good to know!) and Cinnamon is cell regenerating, warming and healing.

These essential oils help increase poor circulation and are anti-inflammatory for muscles and arthritis. This beautiful blend is focused on healing, but it also invigorates the sense as it comforts, protects and heals.

No parabens, chemicals or synthetic fragrances, 100% natural.

Minimum 6, only $10 each.  This is one of our most popular gift sets!

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