Gifts for Him / Flax Two Sided Wash Cloth / Men's Face Wash Green Clay Mask / Natural Shaving Brush

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We're making Gifts for Him a bit easier! Men's Face care set provides men with everything they need to prepare their face for a perfect shave.

♦ A rich and creamy French green clay face wash you can use to quickly wash your face, or as a deep cleansing, pore reducing, renewing face-mask by leaving on for 3-5 minutes. Our amazing green clay formula is smooth and creamy, and easy to apply. Rich in nutrients with organic Shea butter, witch hazel, aloe juice, green and bentonite clay, and powerful and stimulating essential oils. {Net Weight 6.5 ounces} MEN'S FACE WASH LISTING:

♦ A double duty natural Flax wash cloth. These flax wash cloths are two sided, one side is a nubby texture for washing and removing dirt and grime, the other side is smooth and gentle, for sensitive skin, or for a final rinse and gentle pat down.

♦ This natural boar hair brush is ideal for an old fashioned shave - they way they were meant to be. These are really great looking and the boar bristles are soft, secure and lovely. The handle is a beautifully polished wood. The size is 2" boar bristle, and a total 4" length. BRUSH LISTING:

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