New Baby Gift Set / Organic Baby Shea Butter Diaper Balm / Baby Bath Milk / New Mom Baby Shower Gift

$ 20.00

Baby Wild Violetta celebrates newborn babies with this natural baby gift set! These precious little bundles of joy need extremely gentle products to care for their fragile new skin.

Your gift box set comes with our Organic, 100% all natural Diaper Cream. No parabens, petrochemicals or sulfates! Pamper that precious new one with a cream that begins to melt on contact. Our diaper cream is a very emollient cream. Our diaper cream glides effortlessly on your baby's skin, which is great for a baby who may have a rash or irritation. Made with organic Shea butter, sweet almond oil, zinc oxide, vitamin E, chamomile and lavender essential oils. This diaper cream will soothe, treat and protect your baby. If your cream gets too soft for your preference, you can refrigerate it.
*net weight over 2 ounces in screw top tin

Our all natural and organic soy milk bath is a heavenly treat for your little one. Add 1-3 teaspoons (or as desired) into a small baby bath tub and agitate water until milky. This is a wonderful treat for gentle skin.
*approximately 2 ounce bottle

Finally, our calming lavender room and linen mist is created for babies room. Made with natural lavender essential oil (no fragrances), distilled water and a natural preservative. This is a great spray for a fussy baby, you can mist the air and spray above linens to create a peaceful calming scent. Also wonderful to keep near the diaper changing table for a quick air refresh! {Please keep away from baby, you don't want them chewing on the cap or getting any spray in sensitive areas.}
*80ml aluminum spray bottle

This gift set is packaged in in a sweet little lime green box with an attached bow. Ready to give and be enjoyed!



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