Peppermint Lip Balm | 60% Organic Shea Butter!

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This all natural peppermint, organic Shea butter lip balm heals, protects and moisturizes - and smells divine! You'll love the strong peppermint scent from essential oil and the minty warmth of instant healing. There are many therapeutic benefits to botanical lip balms.

I hand make our 100% natural organic Shea butter and hemp seed oil lip balms with a formula using only the best ingredients which heal, protect and moisturize your lips, and all of our unique lip balms smell divine!

I use a cosmetic grade, Organic Shea butter called Nilotica - which has a very mild scent and is more luxurious than what you find in most Shea products, it's higher in olein (fatty acids) and vitamins A, E, and F. We use organic hemp seed oil which is also very high in vitamin E, super at retaining moisture, and fabulous for repairing skin quickly. Our scent is derived from pure and therapeutic essential oils which have botanical properties which benefit the skin and aromatherapy for the mind.

You'll love the difference in our lip balms and won't want anything else on your lips. This is why we also started making a tinted lip balm {peppermint} in a cabernet red all natural mica stain. (We encourage you to avoid lip products with flavoring and artificial fragrance and dyes, as these lead to licking and drying out your lips.)

♥ Peppermint smells great and offers a lovely healing tingle from the peppermint essential oil. Helps clear your mind, good for sinus congestion, herpes, and can even help with headaches. Take a bit of lip balm and use your fingers to rub into your temples. Ahh. {available without cabernet red mica in tube, with red mica in 1/2 ounce tin}

♥ Fennel (one of my favorites!) has an herby, sweet and spicy scent. Fennel oil has been used to decrease appetite and benefits digestion, making this an ideal lip balm to help you watch your weight. Apply between and after eating meals. {available in tube and 1/2 ounce tin}

♥ Tangerine is fresh, light and helps to boost your mood. Also promotes the regeneration of skin cell growth. {available in tube and 1/2 ounce tin}

♥ Coffee makes a wonderful balm, the scent is that of a fresh brewed cup of coffee, sharp, strong and warming. Coffee essential oil is a wonderful antioxidant, healing and comforting. {available in 1/2 ounce tin and 1 ounce tin}

♥ Earl Grey, also known as Bergamot, has a fresh, sweet citrus with floral overtone scent. Earl Grey is cheering, energizing and helpful in lifting your spirits. {available in 1/2 ounce tin}

♥ Pink Grapefruit is obviously citrusy, but with a sharp and sweet smell. Said to give you vigor, be a wonderful memory aid, refreshing and stress-reducing. Pink Grapefruit is the number one kid favorite as well. {available in tube and 1/2 ounce tin}

♥ Lavender is an all time favorite, seems to be loved to all. With a clean, fresh floral scent lavender is calming, healing and a universal therapeutic essential oil. {available in tube}

♥ Naturally Naked is the same great organic Shea butter formula without the addition of any essential oil. This is our men's favorite, right next to the peppermint tube. {available in tube}

Now... if you can't decide you'll find great value in our very cute tin set of 6. A wonderful Holiday gift, stocking stuffer or for you to have a lip balm where ever you may need one! Find the Set of 6 here. ♥

This lip balm glides and soaks into your lips, offering great healing, moisture and protection.

ingredients: Organic Vitellaria Nilotica Shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii), Hemp Seed oil, California Beeswax, pure essential oil, Vitamin E

We are a small, family run business, committed to creating all natural (green) body products. We extensively research to find the best method to make a botanical and natural formula, while offering actively effective benefits.

This great Nilotica Shea is a product which is helping women come out of poverty. Gathered by over 1100 women in Northern Uganda from a cooperative organization, this product is fair trade and certified organic. ♥ Our products are made with Love. ♥



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