Pumice Stone Callus Remover

$ 5.00

These are great natural pumice stone which fit nicely in your hand and are easy to maneuver. The pumice stone size: 3.75"(L) x 2"(W) x .75" (D)

For wonderfully soft feet, follow these steps.

1. The first step to smooth your rough feet is to soften the skin by soaking you feet in warm water with a bit of soap or mineral bath salts. Soak your feet for five to ten minutes.

2. Submerge the pumice stone in the soapy or salty water to get it wet. Use the stone gently, too hard and you can cause cuts and scratches. {If you have open cracks, sores, or other medical problems with your feet, consult your healthcare professional before you use a pumice stone.}

3. Rub the pumice stone lightly back-and-forth across rough patches, corns and calluses.
4. Dip your feet back into the water and rinse well.

5. Repeat the above steps.

6. After smoothing your rough feet, wash, rinse and dry your feet well. Apply your favorite Organic Shea butter balm, I recommend our "Healing" balm. ♥

♦ ♦ ♦ Clean your pumice stone well after each use. You can wash your stone in soapy water and rinse well, or use a scrub brush. Store your pumice stone where it can dry out and get plenty of air.

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