Swiss Army Blanket

$ 60.00

Wool Blankets in Swiss Military design are a perfect bed cover size at approximately 7' x 5.5' (roughly 60x80") Light brown with two red stripes at each end, with the traditional white cross symbolically embroidered in the center of each red stripe. Wool blend 70/30.

These blankets make excellent Christmas gifts for the whole family - a wonderful emergency blanket, really fun cabin blanket or adorable on bunk beds! Blanket is shown displayed on a queen size bed.

Never issued or used, these blankets are easily recognizable and nostalgic to us all!

A wonderful picnic blanket, safety warm blanket for the boat, car or cabin, you'll find a purpose all winter to put this wonderful Swiss Military designed blanket to use.

The edges of the blanket sport a rustic hem and each is a hearty 4+ pounds in weight.

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